We like this…

Where can we find the largest hive on this planet?

Well, we are glad you asked!

It can be found at the Kew Gardens in London. “The Hive’, designed by Wolfgang Buttress, stands 17 meters tall and was designed to highlight the life of bees. This amazing structure is a unique sound and visual experience. Watch the video below and visit the the Hive website to learn more about this one-of-a-kind structure.



What do you know about mead?

Our first fundraising event ever, Mead & Greet, was held in May. All our guests enjoyed some of the best mead produced in Alberta.

If you watched or read Harry Potter, you certainly know a little about it. All the wizards frequent the Three Broomsticks Inn and enjoy it with their meals. Or, remember Robin Hood the movie? Friar Tuck is a beekeeper and makes mead for the guys. It is even heard in video games. Here is one for you: Nord Mead by Miracle of Sound:

Mead is probably the oldest or one of the oldest (alcoholic) drinks in the world. Evidence has been found that dates many centuries before the Vikings or Romans, It is made with honey fermented with water and yeast. You can also add fruit and spices for added and different flavors. But contrary to what you may think, it is not overly sweet and there are many varieties around the world.

In Alberta, mead has made a comeback and is experiencing a revival worth noticing. Alberta Ventures published a good article, we invite you to read to learn more about meaderies in our region. For example, close to home, Chinook Arch Meadery started producing it in 2007.

As a drink made with honey, it also has health benefits that are being researched in many countries. You can read more about it in an article published in Science News.

Our Mead & Greet dinner, lovely designed by Chefs Doreen Prei and Kathryn Joel, can be a nice opportunity to try honey infused recipes and some fruity mead. Remember: Saturday, May 13th at 5;30 p.m.