About Us


In 1991 a group of volunteers from the Smoky River region assembled to plan an annual celebration aimed to share the story of the world-class honey produced in the region. The Honey Festival has been a tradition in our area for over 20 years; bringing family entertainment to local residents and visitors. The Honey Festival creates a unique experience with great entertainment for children and adults.


The Honey Festival Society is operated by a group of volunteers who believe that community spirit is the drive behind flourishing communities.


The Honey Festival aims at contributing to the revitalization of the communities in the Smoky River region by promoting key elements of community sustainability such as community spirit, quality of life and support for local businesses, art and education.

Committee Members

The Honey Festival Committee meets once a month. Meetings are held more frequently during the organization of the Honey Festival. The Committee members are (in alphabetical order):

  • Gary L. Braithwaite
  • Silvia Cabrera Braithwaite
  • Lorraine Desaulniers
  • Lynn Farrell
  • Al Singer
  • Hendrikus Verstappen
  • Valerie Viens

You can contact the Committee by email at info@thehoneyfestival.ca. In addition, the Committee hires a festival co-ordinator to assist with the organization of the festival each year. The 2017 Honey Festival Co-ordinator is Ms. Lynn Florence.